Great Lakes Eli

 Eli has been our go-to stud dog for quite some time. Eli is a perfect example of what we are attempting to produce in our dogs: a large bully head and a muscular, athletic body. Eli is about 26 inches and 140 lbs. This boy has produced great puppies, both male and female; you can see the proof of this in our females, Charlie and Fancy. We believe that Eli is out-producing his grandfather, the iconic Mack Truck.

Dailey's Angus of Great Lakes

Meet Gus. This boy is the newest addition to our breeding program, purchased from Jeff Dailey, and while he is still young, we expect great puppies out of him.  Gus is very muscular and without question, the most athletic dog we've ever owned.  Gus has incredible stamina and energy. Our hope is that he will transmit this into his offspring.  We are very excited to see what this guy contributes to our program.


Take a look at the pedigrees for each of our males.