American-Made American Bulldogs

Great Lakes Eli

Eli is retired! 

Eli was our go-to stud dog for quite some time. Eli is a perfect example of what we are attempting to produce in our dogs: a large bully head and a muscular, athletic body. Eli is about 26 inches and 140 lbs. This boy has produced great puppies, both male and female; you can see the proof of this in our females, Charlie and Fancy. We believe that Eli is out-producing his grandfather, the iconic Mack Truck.

Dailey's Angus of Great Lakes

We have some very sad news.  We lost Gus this summer to heat stroke.  He was a great dog, full of energy and the best temperament.   We had great expectaions for him and he is desperately missed. We were fortunate enough to keep his daughter Mae so he lives on in our program.  

We Miss you buddy.

Dailey's Axel at Great lakes

Axel is the newest addition to our family.  He is out of Dailey's Remedy x Dailey's Brining Home the Blue which makes him a half brother to Angus.  Axel has a lot more length and leg than Angus did so we are expecting him to throw a larger pup which fits our program perfectly.  Axel may be bigger but he is very agile and full of energy just like his brother.  

Great Lakes "Doc"

The Doctor is in.  

Doc has returned home after being on loan for the past year.  He looks better than ever.  Doc is a Sophie x Eli son which makes him full brother to Fancy.  He is a powerhouse at 125lbs - 130lbs and 26" tall.  He loves to play on the spring pole.  We are limited on who we can use him on so he is open for stud and we are considering selling him.  Let us know if your interested in more info on Doc. 


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