American-Made American Bulldogs

American-Made American Bulldogs

American-Made American BulldogsAmerican-Made American BulldogsAmerican-Made American Bulldogs

Great Lakes Fancy

As far as females go, Fancy puts it all together.  She is a heavy muscled, well proportioned girl with plenty of height and length.  Our pictures don't do this beautiful girl justice, Fancy is one of the best-looking females we have produced. She is a large female at 97 pounds, and she is a perfect combination of her mother, Sophie's confirmation and her father, Eli's bully characteristics.

Meet Great Lakes Charlie

At 105lbs. Charlie is our largest female.  She has amazing strength and stamina for such a large girl. Charlie is one of those females that produces phenomenal  stud dogs.  Her pups are thick and heavy boned with great heads.  We'll be keeping a male from her next litter.  

Meet Great Lakes Lilly "Mae"

Mae is a Fancy x Angus daughter that is a real sweetheart with beautiful color and markings.   Mae is maturing into a fantastic example of what a female AB should look like.  Everything about her is smooth, functional and muscular.    She continues to impress us as she matures.   

Meet Great Lakes Mini "Pearl"

Pearl is the newest addition to the Great Lakes American Bulldog's female line up.  Pearl is the daughter of Cold  Springs Renezmae and our own Great Lakes "Doc" Holiday.  Pearl is a very powerfully build girl.  Can't wait to watch her "pop" in the next 6 months.  


Take a look at the pedigrees for our females.