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We are Great Lakes American Bulldogs!!  We are located in Western New York , just south of Lake Ontario.  We started breeding Rottweilers back in the early 90's and found ourselves looking for a breed that was more diverse in it's breed standard.  So, in the late 90's we started searching for that breed and we found the American Bulldog.  During this transitional period I left the livestock industry and began a career in law enforcement.  This was a big change for me.  I still had the desire to care for animals so we became very serious about our dogs and we jumped into the American Bulldogs with both feet, the rest is history.  
    We've been breeding American Bulldogs since 1998 and have seen
this breed change through the years.  We've stayed true to our original mission; to produce large framed, muscular , athletic, American Bulldogs that have stable, family oriented temperaments.  Our  1st AB was a very large female named Daisy. We then purchased our 1st Johnson stud dog, Jed,  from Johnny Powell.  Our next move was to purchase McEvoy's Big Poppa Pump (a Muffassa son) from Lance and Leslie Rose.  These were our foundation dogs and you can still see their influence in our pups today.
    We like the stamina and drive of the Scott/Painter type dogs and the heavy bone of the Johnson type dogs.  Our bloodlines have some of the great Johnson  foundation blood mixed with  Scott foundation blood and topped off with the old and new generations of Dailey bloodlines.  We like this mix because it gives us large, muscular, bully type dogs that move well and breath clean.  
Folks, lets face it there are thousands of American Bulldog breeders out there.  We are continually trying to set ourselves apart and are committed to making this breed better one generation at a time.  Thanks for your time and we really hope you enjoy our American Bulldogs.  

Contact us @ dan@greatlakesamericanbulldogs.com or give us a call @ (716)289-7126

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