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Dogs Past & Present

Powell's Machine Jed
This photo doesn't do Jed justice.  Jed was our 1st stud dog purchased from Johnny Powell.  Jed was a great example of a classic Johnson type bulldog. 

Big Poppa Pump
Pump was one of our foundation stud dogs.  He was the type of male we were looking for and he had the pedigree to match with lots of MGK blood.   Thanks again to Lance and Leslie Rose for allowing us to own this great dog.


Dandra's Daisey Mae
This girl started it all !!  Daisy was a huge female @28" that could move like a dog half her size. 

Dandra's Lil Mo Chaos

Great Lakes Flying Solo
We lost Solo unexpectedly to a C-section back in 2009.  Solo produced the best offspring and our program took a serious blow when we lost her.  Solo will be greatly missed .

Great Lakes Ellie of Dailey

Great Lakes Izzy of Dailey

Great Lakes Chaz of Wildwoods

Great Lakes Mack
What an amazing dog!  He will always be our main man.

Great Lakes Polar Bear

Great Lakes Lil' Bit

Great Lakes Jack Hammer


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